Order of the Arrow Brand Guidelines

A branding guide has been developed to help chapters, lodges and sections incorporate the Order of the Arrow brand into their communication materials. We are excited to share this new resource and take one more step toward better and more unified OA communications. Please take a moment to download and view the branding guide, as well as the corresponding logo assets.

The guide gives direction for utilizing key OA logo images: the signature, the trademark, the seal and the tagline. The guide also provides guidance on color and font usage, as well as information about embroidery pieces, print materials, and other branded items.

The new branding guide also contains resources for all Arrowmen, lodges and sections to use for year-round promotional materials such as newsletters, emails, websites, flyers and patches. We need your help to strengthen the OA brand as we move into our new century in 2016. By using consistent brand elements and adhering to the published guidelines, we can create a strong, unified voice for our organization.

Please note: the signature logo download links below are provided for the general OA signature that reads "Boy Scouts of America" above "Order of the Arrow." As you will see in the branding guide, the signature allows for customization of this logo with text denoting your specific lodge, section or region. To generate your custom signature logo, please use the widget below.

Feel free to reach out to branding@oa-bsa.org with any questions regarding the use of the OA branding guidelines or resources.

Brand Guide and Assets

Download the branding guide (PDF, 3.3 MB)
Download the brand contact sheet in EPS format (ZIP, 2.2 MB)
Download the Trademark Assets in PNG and EPS Formats (ZIP, 4.4 MB)
Download the Seal Assets in PNG and EPS Formats (ZIP, 2.6 MB)
Download the Signature Assets in PNG and EPS Formats (ZIP, 2.5 MB)
Download the Tagline Assets in PNG and EPS Formats (ZIP, 4.4 MB)
Download the Publications Ribbon Assets in PNG and EPS Formats (ZIP, 284 KB)
Download the Social Stamp Assets in PNG Format (ZIP, 102 KB)

Note: Each region is in possession of the section social stamp image files and can distribute those to section leadership. Please contact your region leadership for these resources.

Brand Resources

Download the Letterhead with Standard Logo (Word, 780 KB)
Download the Letterhead with Customizable Logo (Word, 820 KB)
Download the Lodge Flyer Layout Template (Word, 146 KB)
Download the Powerpoint Templates (ZIP, 568 KB)
Download the Keynote Templates (ZIP, 734 KB)
Download the OA Color Palette (Adobe Illustrator, 337 KB)
View the OA Color Palette Library

Special Program and Event Resources

Program and Event Logos and Resources

Email Signature

To use this email signature, simply copy and paste all of the text and the logo image from your browser into the proper field in your email client's signature settings. Then, customize the text to your needs.

OA Marks and Logos Usage

OA marks and logos usage policy information is available in the Site Information and Policies section.

Instructions for Signature Logo Generator

To generate your custom lodge, section or region sub-brand signature logo, please use the widget below. Simply type in your lodge, section or region name in the following format, and the widget will allow you to download your custom logo.

  • Lodge: Na Tsi Hi Lodge
  • Section: Western Region Section 1N
  • Region: Southern Region

This widget may only be used to generate appropriate lodge, section, region or committee logos. All other uses are strictly prohibited and not endorsed by the Order of the Arrow.

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