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Ways to Contribute

Endowment Trading Post

The simplest way to contribute to the National OA Endowment is by making a purchase at NOAC or through the OA’s on-line trading post of endowment branded merchandise. Click here to purchase endowment merchandise.

Download Endowment Brochure (PDF)

Legacy Fellowship

This is the first opportunity for members to make a direct cash contribution to the National OA Endowment. The Legacy Fellowship program is focused on encouraging OA members to support their local council by becoming James E. West Fellows and then seeking for them to make an additional $1,000 contribution to the National OA Endowment.

Download Fellowship Brochure (PDF)

Goodman Society

Members who wish to make a significant contribution of at least $10,000 or more to the National OA Endowment may become members of the Goodman Society. This gift can be a onetime cash gift or the National OA Endowment can be included as part of the member's estate planning.

Download Goodman Society Brochure (PDF)