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Supporting Lodges

Lodge Service Grants

Lodges throughout the country provide more than 1,000,000 man hours of service to their councils each year. In addition to this manpower, lodges work with their councils on lasting projects like the construction or restoration of lake fronts, smaller camp buildings, archery and rifle ranges, and COPE courses. These more durable projects often require significant funding. Through the National OA Endowment, lodges may apply for a matching lodge service grant of up to $5,000, allowing them to complete these larger scale service projects within their council.

Since the inception of the lodge service grant program, nearly a million dollars have been awarded to local lodges.

Cubs to Camp Grant

The Cubs to Camp Grant initiative seeks to partner the National Order of the Arrow Committee with local lodges in an effort to promote getting Cub Scouts into the outdoors to experience the adventures Scouting has to offer. Lodges may apply for a grant to create a new event or program that gets Cub Scouts to visit council camps or participate in an outdoor program. Similarly, lodges can enhance an existing council or district Cub Scout event which occurs outdoors to encourage more participation and retention.

Maury Clancy Indian Campership Fund

This fund was created in 1971 to help American Indian Scouts attend resident camp. The fund is named in memory of long time national committee member Maury Clancy, who contributed significantly to the Order. Mr. Clancy emphasized the significance of our nation's American Indian culture and worked to encourage the preservation of our American Indian heritage. Since 2000, more than 1,900 American Indian Scouts have experienced a long term summer camp through the benefit of this fund.

Lodge Innovation Award

The Order of the Arrow Innovation Award was established in 2012 to recognize chapters and lodges for developing creative and innovative solutions to challenges faced during the implementation of their annual program plans. Each year, two $1,000 awards are presented in each region; a total of $8,000 is donated annually by the Order of the Arrow to the permanently restricted council endowment funds of recipient chapters and/or lodges. 

National Leadership Seminars

The four regions offer multiple National Leadership Seminars throughout the year giving nearly one thousand Arrowmen advanced leadership training annually. The NLS program offers the next stage of leadership training beyond NYLT, allowing these youth leaders to better serve their councils and lodges.