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About the Endowment


The national Order of the Arrow committee oversees the annual program budget which is partially funded using the earnings from the National OA Endowment. The committee has entrusted the management of this asset to BSA Asset Management (BSAAM). This is a very low cost option which allows for significant savings in management and trust fees, while having professional management of the funds.

Growth & Value

The National OA Endowment has seen its value increase significantly through new outright and estate gifts, as well as positive change in market value.


Through the years the National OA Endowment has supported key OA programs with direct funding, including over $1 million in support of local councils through lodge service grants.


Members have contributed over $1 million since 2015 through direct contributions to the Legacy Fellowship or Goodman Society Programs, bequests, and through the purchase of special endowment merchandise sold through the OA trading post.