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Update on Momentum at the Summit‌

Zach Schonfeld, Noah Smith, Clint Takeshita, Matt Dukeman, and Chris Grove, M.D.     June 17, 2020     Momentum 2020


We hope you and your families are staying healthy. Thank you for your patience as we continue to assess the viability of holding Momentum at the Summit. These past weeks have provided a much clearer picture for us to make the most informed decision.

Based on guidance from the West Virginia Governor’s Office and our medical partners at the Summit Bechtel Reserve and the BSA, we intend to continue preparing for an in-person Momentum event this August. Following our discussions with these partners, we are confident that we can meet or exceed all federal, state, and local guidelines through implementing extensive social distancing and mitigation strategies during Momentum. If your contingent or an individual's in-person attendance plans have changed for Momentum, we respectfully request you notify us by July 1st, 2020 at @email.

While we are looking forward to seeing you at the Summit, please be aware that circumstances are still subject to change. We are constantly monitoring the ongoing situation and are committed to following guidance from local and state authorities, the Summit, and the BSA.

Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of all participants and staff, and we want to provide a few updates on what you can expect. We are examining every aspect of the event—from meals to program—to ensure that the appropriate precautions are in place. Please note that all of these items are all subject to change as we approach Momentum, and we will communicate more information in the coming days.

All participants and staff will be required to self-report their temperature daily for five consecutive days preceding their arrival at the Summit. More details on submission procedures will be communicated soon. Any attendee who does not report their temperature will not be allowed to enter the property. Additional health screenings will be conducted by Summit staff upon arrival.

The Summit will provide tents for all participants and staff. Only one person will sleep in each tent in order to promote social distancing.

Gathering sizes will be limited throughout the event. All of our programs will not exceed limits imposed by local and state health authorities.

All participants and staff should bring a clean mask for every day they are traveling in order to reduce the risk of transmission and maintain good hygiene.

More details about the Summit’s COVID-19 prevention efforts can be found here. We encourage those who meet the CDC’s higher risk designation to consider whether or not they should attend Momentum, as there is still a risk of transmission even with these protocols in place.

Overall, our efforts are focused on reducing person-to-person contact and mitigating health risks to the greatest extent possible. We want to thank the Summit’s medical team for their continued partnership in developing the appropriate health precautions for the event.

From the Big Zip to a rededication at the Summit Circle to so much more, we can’t wait to see you at the Summit for a week of fellowship! We’ll be back with more information in the coming days about what’s in store to keep the Momentum going.

In brotherhood,

Zach Schonfeld                                                                                     Noah Smith

2020 National Chief                                                                     2020 National Vice Chief

Clint Takeshita                              Matt Dukeman                         Chris Grove, M.D.

Event Chairman                          National Director                 Summit Medical Director