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Surviving Operation Arrow

July 22, 2017     Pulse     Operation Arrow 2017

  • Sometimes it is beneficial to venture further to find the shower that is less used than others. 
  • Don’t drop your credentials off Consol Energy Bridge.
  • When doing the Crystal Light challenge don’t down two packets at once.
  • Have a friend tie a knot in your neckerchief for preparation for 2019 World Scout Jamboree.
  • Make sure the porta potty and latrine have toilet paper before utilizing.
  • Check the wind forecast before using the shower.
  • Submit your photos to the Operation Arrow app.
  • Convince your roommates to shower.
  • Birkenstocks (with socks). Or chacos.
  • Meet some international Scouts in the OA recreation area and learn a new language.
  • Listen to jazz and do yoga often.
  • Only use fire extinguishers for fires.
  • Be kind to your barista.
  • Drink water.
  • Wear deodorant. 
  • Stop by OA HQ to pick up your mail and pre-ordered merchandise.
  • Do laundry. Multiple times.
  • A bandana is a great way to stay cool and keep your brow dry. 
  • Wear your zesty blue polo. Daily.
  • Bring a filled nalgene with a carabiner attached to the shower chain.
  • Don’t call Talon “vice chief.” Call him Robin, per our survey results.
  • Call Garden Ground Mountain headquarters “the batcave.”
  • You’re not getting a sweet tan, go to the shower and clean yourself off. It’s dirt.
  • Get the soft serve from the Chat ‘n’ Chew.
  • Tell the Scoutmasters that are hiking up Garden Ground Mountain that it is just “stretching your legs.”
  • Wear shower shoes.
  • Speak to Clint Takeshita about your thoughts on improving future national events.
  • Show off your talent at your respective region’s gathering.
  • Stop by the OA exhibit in Action Point and take a photo in the #ChooseOA photo booth.
  • Understand that it is zesty blue, not baby blue.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses in a photo.

Special thanks to contributors AJ Kelly, Tanner Maris, Collin Metscher, Justin St. Louis, Jon Hagneow, Chris Craig, Andrew Zucker, Brandon Kelly, Forrest Gertin, Michael Swalberg and Michael Shostek.