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Section C-7 Fall COC

October 29, 2016

By Murphy Bush

Next time you’re out planning your lodge’s Key 3 meeting or your section’s council of chiefs meeting, why not spice it up a bit and go somewhere exciting? That is exactly what C-7 Section Chief Tyler Harris did in hopes of bringing new energy into an otherwise standard meeting.

In order to plan their annual conclave gatherings, sections across the nation will host meetings known as council of chiefs (COC). This is an opportunity for lodge and section leaders to get together and formulate plans on how to make the best possible conclave for those they serve. However, when Section C-7 went this year to plan where and how they would hold their meetings, they choose to stray away from traditional locations such as council offices or camps. Instead, they chose to hold their event at the Milwaukee Brewers baseball stadium in Wisconsin.

While there, a group of roughly one hundred Arrowmen, including lodge chiefs, chapter chiefs, section leadership and newly inducted Arrowmen, had a chance to tour the stadium. During their tour, they visited iconic locations such as the dugouts, locker rooms and the field itself. In addition to the fun aspects of the event, the section was still able to hold a very productive meeting. The ballpark provided a nice conference center that was built into the stadium which allowed them to focus on their section’s goal of “building a culture that inspires leadership.”

For Tyler, the decision was simple; holding the COC at such an exciting venue was easy to market to chiefs and their advisers and, more so, provided first year Arrowmen with a perfect way to see into the inner workings of the section while making it worth their time. Upon review of the major success of his sections COC meetings, Tyler remarked that he would definitely be interested in returning to the ballpark again in the future.