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The Road to 8,000

  June 01, 2021       NOAC 2022

The Road to 8,000

The Road to 8000 is the national promotional initiative for NOAC 2022. It serves to challenge lodge and contingent leaders to plan their largest contingent possible while enabling them with the resources they need to do it. There are a few key components of the Road to 8000, beginning with the Contingent Leader Roadmap, the high-level guide to planning a successful contingent over the coming months. 

Each month, contingent leaders and Lodge Key 3 members will receive the Contingent Leader Newsletter, providing them with content and resources to help them along the Contingent Leader Roadmap. In addition to these monthly newsletters, contingent leaders will be invited to participate in another Contingent Leader Meeting this fall and engage with each other in the contingent leader Facebook group.

There are two registration challenges designed to move us closer to the 8,000-person goal. These challenges are designed to give every lodge an equal chance of success. They aren’t based on the simple number of Arrowmen in your contingent. They’re based on each lodge’s progress towards their individualized registration goal that has been set by the NOAC promotions team.

The Conference Challenge

Meet your individual lodge stretch goal by May 31, 2022, to complete the Conference Challenge and boast lodge contingent member perks at NOAC. If your lodge is one the best in the country, fulfill the challenge and enable your Arrowmen to live the NOAC experience.

Early Bird Challenge

Promoting NOAC is not an adventure for May. It begins now. The top 10 lodges that have made the most progress in reaching their stretch goal by percentage with early fee registrations on December 31, 2021, will receive special Early Bird Challenge perks. 

Every registered name in NOAERS contributes towards your lodge’s stretch goal regardless of attendance type (staff, delegate, etc.). Deposits alone will not contribute towards your stretch goal.