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The Next Momentum Event is Already Here!

  Conor Metzger       September 26, 2020       OA Today       Momentum

A red and white star, the logo of Momentum Launch

Thank you for attending Momentum: Launch, the Order’s largest ever virtual event! We hope you enjoyed the trainings, interviews, game shows, and other activities that the event had to offer. Now, as we continue to navigate this uncertain and increasingly virtual world, the Order of the Arrow is excited to announce Momentum: Spark, the OA’s first-ever national inductions weekend!

What is Momentum: Spark?

Momentum: Spark is a national inductions weekend taking place virtually, November 6th-7th. The event will involve lodges hosting their virtual inductions weekends in tandem with national programming, as well as opportunities for training and activities for current members. For candidates going through their induction during Momentum: Spark, lodges will administer the four tests of the Ordeal while Momentum: Spark will provide the ceremonies content. For current members, there will be inductions and activation focused training and activities during the day Saturday. Then, on Saturday evening, new and current members will come together for an evening of fun and fellowship while participating in activities similar to those you saw at Momentum: Launch. We plan on offering these events so as to welcome our new brothers to our Order.

How can I participate in Momentum: Spark?

Anyone can view the live stream of Momentum: Spark for free, by registering as a basic delegate. However, premium delegates, for a fee of $15, will be able to experience much more, similar to the registered delegate opportunity for Momentum: Launch. Premium delegates will be able to access an archive of streamed content from the weekend, join in on Slack (the same workspace used for Momentum: Launch), participate in the event-wide game, and receive a mailed event patch. Importantly, unlike Momentum Launch, even those individuals who plan to view the live stream for free, will need to register as basic delegates for Momentum: Spark. Learn more and register today at

Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to your lodges to find out if they will be holding a virtual induction event as part of Momentum: Spark. Remind them of the fun and joy you experienced as part of Momentum: Launch. If your lodge is holding a virtual induction event, be sure to promote the event to candidates in your chapter and unit (troop, crew, ship) and volunteer to support candidates by serving as an elangomat or in some other role. As registered delegates for Momentum: Launch, we encourage you to share your experience with others in your lodge and chapter, and encourage them to join us for Momentum: Spark!

Why should I attend?

Momentum: Spark will be a fun-filled and informative event with top-tier training on inductions and membership activation as well as informative panels and contests. Additionally, the event will be a great way to welcome new members into our Order who, amid uncertain times, may have been waiting months for this special moment. The Saturday evening programming will feature some of your favorite activities from Momentum: Launch with a few new and exciting additions. For these reasons and more, you won’t want to miss the fellowship and excitement of the OA’s first-ever national induction weekend!

Where can I get more information?

Learn more and register today at!