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December 2014 Centennial Update

December 20, 2014     Centennial Update     Centennial 2015

The December 2014 Centennial Update is now available! Read four great articles that update you on the latest information on NOAC 2015:

Tips for Wrapping Up Your Lodge’s History Book
Is your lodge’s history book complete? As 2014 comes to a close, here are a few things to keep in mind as lodges finish their history books.

Administering NOAC: Youth Committees and Leadership
Like the rest of the OA, NOAC will be a youth-run event, led by section chiefs from across the country. Learn more about what these chiefs will supervise this upcoming year!

NOAC Commemorative Sash
Every NOAC 2015 participant and staff member will receive a special commemorative red sash. Click here to find out new information just released about the special commemorative item.

Preserving the Past: Lodge Rock Submission for Legacy Lodges
Rocks can now be submitted for legacy lodges no longer in existence! Read more about how these rocks will be made a part of our centennial celebration.