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October 29, 2016

Wednesday night during the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, National Chief Alex Call introduced the Order to #DareToDo - the Order of the Arrow’s service initiative for the 100 days following NOAC. This movement is committed to spreading the message of the admonition across the globe through small acts of service.

While most of NOAC has been about celebrating the first 100 years of the OA, Alex challenged Arrowmen to pivot to the future.

Participating in the #DareToDo project is easy: make a difference in the lives of others by doing one act of service each day for 100 days. Arrowmen are then asked to add a photo or post to their social media with the hashtag #DareToDo.

The acts of service themselves do not need to be monumental. The power of #DareToDo comes from the reach of all 165,000 Arrowmen posting about it together – and the hundreds of thousands of other Scouts and ordinary Americans who will be inspired to follow their example.

“Each day, opportunities to demonstrate unselfish service present themselves,” Alex told the conference. “A classmate who sits alone on the school bus, hoping that someone will strike up a conversation. A co-worker who stays late every night, wishing they could make their daughter’s soccer game instead of an extra shift. A homeless teenager who stands at the street corner during your daily commute, looking for a warm meal – or even just a warm smile. With just a few words and a few minutes of our time, we can live out the admonition of the OA through everyday acts of service.”

#DareToDo has a website,, as well as social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These accounts will highlight acts of service posted using the hashtag and the website includes an interactive map to see the spread of the movement across the world. Arrowmen and their friends are encouraged to follow these accounts for inspiration and to encourage others participating in #DareToDo.

Now is the time for every Arrowman to accept Alex’s dare. Join the movement that is #DareToDo and help your brothers impact the world by living the Admonition each day!

It starts with us.