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Chiefly Speaking: Lodge Support During COVID-19

  Zach Schonfeld       June 22, 2020       Chiefly Thoughts

Chiefly Speaking Article

Section Leaders,

In moments like these, servant leadership is needed more than ever. We currently face unprecedented challenges as an organization, but we know that our organization also has unprecedented leaders like you. Lodges need our help as we navigate this “new” normal. We each must do our part to step up.

This week, we launched our plan to support lodges as they emerge from a suspension of in-person events. Our top priority as a national organization is to support lodges, but the challenges in front of us will require laser-focused, united teamwork at every level of the Order of the Arrow.

As section leaders, you possess a critical opportunity to support lodges in this commitment. After all, a section’s purpose is “to support lodge leaders to produce High Performing Lodges, through a direct inter-council forum.” That responsibility is more important than ever, and the programs you work so hard to provide play a key role.  Here’s how we’ll work together to enable lodge leaders in the most direct way possible:

  • Hosting a successful ACT Conference—virtual or in-person—in remaining sections, enabling a breakthrough in lodge performance through collaboration with lodge leaders.
  • Delivering a safe, effective conclave in each section that is planning a summer or fall event.
  • Providing direct support to lodges to ensure each eligible Scout is elected and inducted into our brotherhood.

Each of us shares a unique passion for helping our Arrowmen succeed. We owe it to every young person who will one day wear a sash to ensure the Order of the Arrow thrives. Delivering our programs during this crisis will not be easy, but we will remain as strong as ever if we adapt to today’s challenges. It’s time to intervene in our future. Only then will we live up to our oath to “preserve the traditions and obligations of the Order of the Arrow” so far as we are able.

We know you are the ones to rise to the occasion and embody the servant leadership that this moment requires.  We are here every step of the way as we join together in this commitment to grow our lodges and brotherhood. Whether it be through Conclaves, ACT Conferences, or anything in between, please let us know if we can ever be of service. Let’s keep the momentum going.

In service,


                Zach Schonfeld                                                                         Noah Smith

            2020 National Chief                                                          2020 National Vice Chief