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Alibamu Lodge Builds Volleyball Court

October 29, 2016     OA Today

Ask any Scout or Scouter about his camp adventures as a youth and there will almost always be a reference to outdoor sports. These range from catch to ultimate frisbee and anything in between. The youth in Alibamu Lodge wanted to build on this tradition with the construction of a sand volleyball court. Alibamu leadership corps member Logan B. was the youth lead for this project.

"Every year, summer camp staff challenges Scoutmasters. In the past, we have used a net and two trees but the leadership corps decided to add a volleyball court,” Logan explained. “A sand volleyball court was decided on because playing against Scoutmasters gets intense!"

The project is set to be completed at the upcoming lodge event this fall, which has spanned over the course of two Ordeal weekends. Logan said the youth leadership in his lodge relied on adult advisers to help pull the project together.

"We used our leaders to leverage connections to have the gravel and sand donated in whole or part. We ended up only needing minimal funding for the project and we actually ended up with a surplus of funds.” He believes the service provided will have great benefit. “Arrowmen have been with this project helping cheerfully from start to finish,” Logan recalled.