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2015 Conclave Training Initiative

October 29, 2016     Announcements

Two sessions are available for the 2015 Conclave Training Iniative: 

Building an Effective Social Media Program
It’s no secret or surprise that social media is a powerful force. This session will expand your understanding of social media and challenge you to think differently about how the Order of the Arrow can effectively use this powerful tool.

Journey to Excellence
Journey to Excellence is exactly what it sounds like: a journey. Journey to Excellence’s objective is to help every lodge improve each year. That improvement isn’t a one step push to get everything right; it is a process of constantly trying different methods to better the lodge, even in areas of current strength. This CTI will help lodges plan for improvement.

Both of these sessions are available in the CTI section. Sections are encouraged to download the latest material for use in upcoming conclaves.