Second Degree (Choose a Different Test)

  1. Each year the Order's National Chief joins other BSA youth leaders to present Scouting's annual report to the President of the United States. What is the name of this presentation and report?
  2. How old were E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson when they started the Order of the Arrow on July 16, 1915?
  3. What role, that would be introduced to Arrowmen at the 1975 NOAC and formally adopted in 1981, did Tipisa Lodge member William Hartman invent and become the first to serve as on December 12, 1969?
  4. What symbol of the Order of the Arrow was tragically destroyed in a fire at the national office in 1980?
  5. Which event that related to the Order, prior to the founding of WWW, occurred in 1913?
  6. Which of the following was an influence on the OA founders?
  7. Which early Order of the Arrow leader was the second Third Degree (Vigil Honor) recipient, founded five lodges in Chicago and was honored with one of the eleven inaugural Distinguished Service Award.
  8. What was significant about the election of Ron Temple as the 1961 National Conference Chief?
  9. Arrowmen Ray Petit, Jay Dunbar, Joe Buchman, and John (Jock) Forrest and were all a part of CAG. What was CAG?
  10. At the 1964 National Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the Order of the Arrow held their first Jamboree OA Pow Wow. Which of the following occurred at that OA Pow Wow?