First Degree (Choose a Different Test)

  1. What was the significance of the formation of Puvunga Lodge in Long Beach Area Council in 2012?
  2. Which 2011 OA service adventure, in partnership with the U.S. National Park Service, was held near the new National Scout Jamboree site and built 12.8 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails in the New River Gorge National River National Park located in West Virginia?
  3. Which of the below events is an early predecessor to a NOAC?
  4. Which of the OA's highest awards did Dr. Carl Marchetti receive at the 2004 NOAC in acknowledgement of his work making the OA financially self-sufficient, the creation of the OA Endowment and his decades of service on a national level both as a youth leader and as an adult including as the Order's Chairman?
  5. Which program does the OA operate at a BSA High Adventure base?
  6. Joseph Csatari became the official BSA artist in 1977 and received the Order's Red Arrow Award in 2004. Which iconic painting did Joseph Csatari paint for the Order of the Arrow?
  7. What is the name of the Order's largest conference held at a university every two to three years?
  8. What was launched by the OA in the beginning of 1998 that would become the primary method of communication between national and its lodges and members?
  9. Who was the second Arrowman in the Order of the Arrow to keep his Vigil?
  10. Who founded the Order of the Arrow?