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NOAC 2020 Information Update

Are you getting excited for NOAC 2020? See below for some important updates regarding what to expect!


Mar 22, 2020     OA Today
OAHA Celebrates 25 Years of Service!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure (OAHA) Program and we want you to be a part of it! Who better to tell you about their OAHA experience other than recent recipient of the OA Triple Crown Award, Zack M. He had the opportunity to attend three different OAHA programs: OA Trail Crew (Philmont), OA Summit Experience (Summit) and OA Ocean Adventure (Sea Base). Here is what Zack M. from Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge has to say:

Mar 22, 2020     OA Today
Kittan Lodge Emphasizes Inductions During Their Latest Event

Have you ever wondered how Arrowmen could better improve the induction experience for all those involved? Well, Kittan Lodge from New York did just this when they decided to approach this challenge from different angles. The lodge decided to create a special event dedicated solely towards educating Arrowmen on various components related to inductions, ceremonies and elections.

Mar 22, 2020     OA Today
A More Versatile Trading Post Leads to Higher Sales

Passaconaway Lodge has had a trading post like many other lodges, run out of totes and brought into their camp trading post for every lodge weekend. However, this process proved to be slow and inefficient so the lodge’s leadership developed a unique solution with their vision being; “If we use a trailer to transport the merchandise, why don’t we just sell out of it too?” With that in mind, the lodge started to build their new trading post. By using a trailer they’ll be able to use their time management skills to eliminate the setup and teardown times.

Mar 22, 2020     OA Today
A Guide for a Successful Lodge Banquet

Are you in charge of planning your lodge banquet or looking for new ideas for your lodge? Well we have everything you’d need to know when it comes to putting on a lodge banquet! Think of a banquet as the birthday party for the lodge. The banquet is a chance for all Arrowmen, new and experienced, to join together in a celebration of the previous year’s accomplishments. A banquet should be a relaxing occasion in which everyone can gather and join for a celebration with their brothers! 

Mar 22, 2020     OA Today