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Section SR-1B Hurricane Michael Relief

On October 10th, 2018, Hurricane Michael landed within Section SR-1B, which covers lodges in Southern Alabama, Northeast Florida, and Central and Southern Mississippi. That day, Section Adviser Wade Hartley contacted lodge advisers to collect damage reports and announced a way to combat the disaster. Along with the section leadership, he designed a patch to help Scouts and units that were affected. Wade said, “I initially had the idea literally while the storm raged, and within less than a day after, each lodge had committed its full support.

Aug 29, 2019     Section Sentinel
C-5A & C-5B High Performing Lodge Seminar

There are always a lot of questions to be had when it comes to the challenge of taking a lodge to High Performing status: What can be done to keep new members coming back? How can lodges reach all units during election season? In pursuit of answers, the Arrowmen of sections C-5A and C-5B joined forces in January for a High Performing Lodge Seminar at Naish Scout Reservation.

Aug 29, 2019     Section Sentinel
Expanding OA in the Far East Council

Every chapter and their lodge strives to complete 100 percent of their unit elections each year. For unit visitation teams, this only requires a short drive. However, the Far East Council spans the Pacfic ocean with different districts across Asia and encompassing groups of Arrowmen on different continents. Edgar LaBenne, chapter adviser in Achpateuny Lodge, shared his story on how the youth are able to conduct unit elections across the Pacific. 

Aug 08, 2019     Lodge Ledger
Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter Zoo Campsite Installment

All across the country, chapters conduct service projects at local camps and parks in practice of cheerful service. Typically, these service projects can take a few hours or a few days. For the past two years, the Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter of O-Shot-Caw Lodge has been working on a large-scale, unique service project that they take lots of pride in. Last year, they were given the opportunity to build a primitive campsite at Zoo Miami. In a new tradition, the chapter works to build and maintain this campsite each year as their annual service project.

Aug 08, 2019     Lodge Ledger
Section C-3B American Indian Seminar

Regalia - the first impression the Order of the Arrow leaves upon its newly inducted brothers. So often it is neglected how influential the indigenous cultures are within our Order. They shape, define, and grant us an identity as a brotherhood of service and caretakers of the outdoors. The traditions of our ceremonies are the first impactful experiences a candidate has in the OA. The question then becomes: Why do we not capitalize more so on this unique opportunity to engage newly inducted Arrowmen?

Jun 18, 2019     OA Today