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Thrive: A National Effort, A Local Commitment

We left last month's Thrive Webinar excited, empowered, and motivated to lead the OA with a renewed spirit, and to help ensure that the Order of the Arrow thrives for generations to come. How is your lodge leadership working towards its tangible goals and commitment to thrive? Keep the discussion alive and action happening within your lodge leadership. We'd love to hear stories of what you're doing. Please share them with us at @email.

Dec 10, 2019     Lodge Ledger
Tell us your story!

The Order of the Arrow is a global network of Brothers that live the obligation and serve cheerfully. Every day amazing things are happening within local chapters, lodges, and sections. As the OA National Communications Committee, we continuously work on trying to highlight these stories, but we can’t do it without you! The team has set up an email - @email - for all story ideas and potential articles for publication.

Dec 10, 2019     Lodge Ledger
Join the 2020 NOAC staff!

Fellow Arrowmen, are you looking for a different way to enjoy NOAC? Well you are in luck, as we are currently looking for Arrowmen just like you to join our staff for NOAC 2020! Whether you are interested in writing articles or being a stage crew member for the NOAC shows, there are plenty of different opportunities available for you. Those who join our staff can expect to make thrilling memories while working alongside fellow Arrowmen from all across the country. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Dec 10, 2019     Lodge Ledger
NOAC 2020: Callout #9 – Promotional Video

NOAC 2020 is only eight months away! The conference committee has been working diligently to create a promotional video, which features some of the key aspects of NOAC, such as Training, Fellowship, Patch Trading, Cheerful Service, Shows, American Indian Activities, and Sports. The goal of the video is to assist contingent and lodge leadership with local promotional and recruitment efforts. 

Nov 26, 2019     NOAC Callout
NOAC 2020: Callout #8– Chairman’s Collage Challenge

Holiday Greetings Brothers,

As we quickly approach the holiday season, the NOAC committee has created a collage as a gift for lodge and contingent leaders, which can be found below. With your new gift in hand, I challenge you to share this with those whom you created fond memories of the Order of the Arrow with. By gifting this collage to others, you extend an invitation to attend NOAC, gifting them the opportunity of a lifetime and spreading the holiday spirit of giving across the nation.

Nov 26, 2019     NOAC Callout