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Chiefly Speaking - November 2020


A few weeks ago, we came together as an organization for Momentum: Spark, the Order of the Arrow’s first-ever national induction weekend. Together, we inducted nearly 800 candidates and engaged in fellowship with members from all 50 states. It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is now quickly coming to a close. As we look back on these past months, we continue to be amazed by the innovation showcased at the lodge, chapter and section levels.

Dec 04, 2020     Chiefly Thoughts, OA Today
Driving Momentum: Best Practices Through Challenges

Driving Momentum is an exciting new initiative rolled out to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between lodges across the nation during these challenging times.

The initiative focuses on giving Arrowmen a platform to share their best practices, draw inspiration from others across the country, and use featured national resources as we work to advance our Order during these challenging times and prepare us to reemerge stronger than ever.

Dec 04, 2020     OA Today
Short-Term Camp NCAP Classification

Due to changes in the BSA's National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) standards, all lodge and chapter overnight events that are three nights or less now fall into the short-term camp classification. This change will help to ensure the quality and safety of all council or lodge organized overnight activities.

Nov 03, 2020     Policy Updates
Momentum: Spark Information for Lodge Leaders

In just a few short weeks the first National Induction weekend will take place; the virtual event branded as Momentum: Spark on November 6th and 7th will provide an opportunity for Scouts from across the country to be inducted and meet fellow Arrowmen from different lodges and even from different regions. There will also be opportunities for current members to receive high quality inductions and activation training, and welcome these new members on Saturday evening. 

Oct 22, 2020     Lodge Ledger
Overcoming the Challenges of the Pandemic: Inductions and Growth

As the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine rolls into its seventh month, the question on every lodge's plate is how to operate during these unprecedented times. One of the biggest concerns, coming off of the call to action released during Thrive and continuation with ACT, being lodge inductions and growth.

Oct 22, 2020     Lodge Ledger