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An Arrowman Is A Friend

An Arrowman is a brother. Something that the Order of the Arrow values is fellowship. Fellowship provides a bonding opportunity between Arrowmen that may be friends, or provides an opportunity to make new ones. Fellowship mainly falls under the recreational aspects of events. It is a more relaxed environment for Arrowmen to interact outside of service and ceremonies. 


Jun 17, 2023     OA Today
An Arrowman is Career Ready

The Order of the Arrow is built upon the idea of leadership and spirit, the ideas that further change and inspire career interests in each generation. Upon completing one’s Ordeal, each Arrowman is tasked with bearing selflessness and demonstrating service to others. However, it takes time to hone in on these skills and apply them to the real world.

Jun 17, 2023     OA Today
An Arrowman Is A Servant Leader

An integral part of the Boy Scouts of America  and the Order of the Arrow is service to others and the community. Whether this service be in the form of camp clean-ups or participating in local volunteer organizations, every Scout knows that it is vital to the BSA program and helps build stronger community ties. However, there is another form of service that is especially prevalent in the OA: servant leadership.

Jun 17, 2023     OA Today
An Arrowman Is A Role Model

There’s nothing more exciting than having a national officer at an Order of the Arrow function. It always proves to be beneficial and everyone has a good time when they’re around. In the Order of the Arrow, four national officers represent the program: National Chief Zach Grinvalsky, National Vice Chief Grant Kim, Eastern Region Chief Matthew Carlson and Gateway Region Chief Michael Whitford.

Jun 17, 2023     OA Today
An Arrowman Is Welcoming

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, although not a new concept, has helped Arrowmen across the nation feel more comfortable and included in the Order of the Arrow. Like many other young women in this organization, I have found myself growing as not only an Arrowman, but as a person as a result of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team and their work.

Jun 17, 2023     OA Today