National OA Web Site Staff

The National OA Web Site Staff includes Arrowmen from around the nation. Each member works a few hours a week to create the web site's pages. Team members have specific or general responsibilities depending on their position. Some work to quickly create web pages for announcements, new programs, and resources. Others compose and develop feature stories or provide in-depth coverage for events. Different staff members code pages, design graphics, or write stories depending on their own personal skills and experience.

National Website Youth Coordinator: Derrick Bransby
National Website Adviser: Doug Kupec
Development Team Youth Lead: Patrick Burtchaell
Development Team Adviser: Drate Berry
Development Team Members: Peter Bird
  Jon Carl
  Eric Silva
  Daniel Wivagg
Operations Team Youth Lead: Tyler Ault
Operations Team Adviser John Benz
Operations Team Members: Nicholas Bradley
  Frank Davis
  Michael Kintscher
  Sal Zaydon
  Jason Kiesling
Graphics Specialist: Justin Abshire
Technical Support Specialist: Sage Lichtenwalner
National Communications Coordinator: Raymond Cheung
National Communications Lead Adviser: Anthony Fiori
Production Group Youth Lead: Aaron Shepard
Production Group Adviser: Ed Lynes
Content Group Youth Lead: Jacob Schiles
Content Group Adviser: Nick Oschner
Social Media Group Youth Lead: Michael Shostek
Social Media Group Adviser: Branden Morris
Brand & Identity Group Youth Lead: Alex Call
Brand & Identity Group Adviser: Matt Maddera
Analytics Group Adviser: Michael Halbrook

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