Lodge Ledger: Philmont to be home to adviser’s conference this June

By Todd Goldfarb

Philmont Training Center

Registration is open! This June 22nd to 28th, the national Order of the Arrow committee is sponsoring its annual adviser's conference at the Philmont Training Center (PTC) in Cimarron, NM. This training is designed specifically for advisers across the nation to better serve their local OA programs and their youth.

Advisers can look forward to five full days of intensive training while immersed in the beautiful setting of Philmont - an experience most adults only get when completing a trek. Participants will complete a pre-course survey to help identity specific areas that the staff will cover, which represents a unique feature to the conference that allows fluidity and tailored topics for training sessions. The staff, comprised of national committee members as well as special guests with extensive experience on advisership, will provide perspective on every topic imaginable. Mark Chilutti, OA Adviser Conference Chairman, added, "By the time you leave on Saturday, I promise that everything an advisers want to see addressed in a training will be covered."

In addition to group training, there is scheduled time for one-on-one sessions for advisers who may have unique questions regarding issues that differ from the overall group. The answering of any and all "burning issues" is of the highest priority to Chilutti and his staff. In addition, a half-day of recreation is built in to the packed schedule for advisers to traverse the Philmont territories.

Second to none, the OA Philmont Adviser's Conference is the capstone way to develop as an adult adviser in the Order!

To register, please visit Philmont OA Adviser Training page for all the necessary information. Any inquiries can be directed to Chilutti (chilutti2000@aol.com).

See you at Philmont this June!

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