National Officer Election ProcessGreat Ordeals Starting and Continuing the Magic!The Dallas Experience

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Great Ordeals Starting and Continuing the Magic!

As Arrowmen we each completed the same Ordeal, however each of us had our own unique experience.  There is no question about the importance of conducting first-class Ordeals, however the more pressing question is how to make it happen. The first step to making a great Ordeal is easily stated, but is much harder to achieve.  This first step is communication.

National Officer Election Process

It is a proud moment when the Chief's Bonnet is passed to the new National Chief of the Order of the Arrow. But how is a new chief actually elected? Who does the election, and what process do they go through to find the new youth leaders for our organization? Learn more about the National Officer Election Process.

The Dallas Experience

Every year, Section Chiefs, members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, and some support staff gather in Dallas for the biggest OA planning event of the year. These top leaders from all over the country assemble for an intensive four-day session, known as the Order of the Arrow National Planning Meeting.